Austral Biotech Investigation Center is a research centre within the Universidad Santo Tomás that seeks to contribute to agriculture, forestry and fishing processes or issues, as well as the country’s aquaculture, with solutions through biotechnology. With the Austral Biotech Investigation Center, our university aims to develop research and generate scientific knowledge in applied life sciences or biotechnology.

Austral Biotech Center´s aims and objetives

  • Research funded by public money in R&D lines.
  • Research services for companies and consultant firms in biotechnology, microbiology, food, developing biotechnology products, molecular biology, and others.
  • Consulting services in the above-mentioned areas.
  • Scientific publications with research results.
  • Patenting technological developments.
  • Developing multidisciplinary research projects associated with other insti- tutions or researchers from the UST or other research bodies.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, particularly guiding and su- pporting research thesis development in different areas related to biote- chnology.

Strategic Lines

  • Research and development of products or technology with biological bases.
  • Community outreach.
  • Research services, scientific publications, press releases, and seminars.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.
  • Thesis supervision, professional training, seminars.

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